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Do you need a Custom Event Website for your event?

Custom Website.png

Save time and earn more money for your event by using TeeVents custom events website management service. This service will take care of management duties and task for your golf tournament. We have noticed through other event ticket management companies, you are left with all of the work to prepare for your golf tournament without customization of your event. Using this service will give you more benefits versus other event ticket management. companies. View benefits below...

  • Custom Event Webpage 

  • Organization promotion

  • Player registration collection

  • Weekly registration/donation deposit

  • Weekly registration/donation reports

  • Event reports on demand

  • Player Rosters/Starting hole assignments

  • Tee sheets for golf course

  • Credit card processing

  • Custom invoicing

  • Selling sponsorship opportunities

  • Donation opportunities

  • Sponsors promotion

  • Manage participants

  • Email blast

  • Custom website available for 1 year


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